Rood Parking




Rood Avenue Parking Garage | Grand Junction, CO (0537)

Client:                                       City of Grand Junction

Project Type:                            New Construction

Services Provided:                   Architecture

Completion Date:                     2007

Size:                                         148,300 SF / 448 Spaces


This cast-in-place concrete 5-story structure was built on the site of former office buildings which were demolished to help alleviate a shortage of parking downtown.  The structure takes up nearly one half of a city block and is designed for connection to a future building on its west end that could include new office or retail uses.  Through partnerships with large downtown businesses, some floors are privately owned and occupied while others are for City use while the ground level is public parking.   The building is fully-sprinkled and includes 2 elevators.  The structure is designed to allow for addition of a cover at the 5th level if desired in the future.