760 Horizon Drive



760 Horizon Drive | Grand Junction, CO (0541)

Client:                                       Shaw Construction

Project Type:                            New Construction 

Services Provided:                   Architecture, Interior Design, Tenant Finish

Completion Date:                     2008

Size:                                         63,000 SF


Serving as an office building, this project included meeting requirements from varying tenants while retaining unity of the overall presentation of the building–from the outside in. The graceful implication of curvature initiated on the exterior of the building carries through internally, with curving lines on the grand staircase, curved balcony railings and curved office-front glazing. Material selection was inspired by the natural western landscape, with deep, rich, reds and light straw-like yellows. The overall palette is earthy, yet vibrant. To take advantage of Colorado’s 300 + days per year of sunshine, large panels of windows were installed. The main challenges for this project were ensuring congruity from office space to office space, while delivering one complete package in the building.