Colorado Bureau Of Investigations




Colorado Bureau of Investigation | Grand Junction, CO (0610)

Client:                                       State of Colorado

Consultant Architect:                Roth Sheppard Architects

Project Type:                            New Construction

Services Provided:                   Programming, Architecture, Interior Design,                                                                    Site Master Planning

Completion Date:                     2008

Size:                                         38,000 SF

New regional facility to house forensic and investigative laboratories, evidence storage and central office space for CBI. Major forensic lab spaces include firearms lab & firing range, chemical instrument lab, latents evaluation lab, DNA amp lab, DNA sample lab & serology lab. Major lab spaces are supported by adjacent work and storage rooms, such as trace analysis, chemical and gas storage, work and tool rooms, GSR, dusting, digital photo processing, AFIS, CODIS, NIBIN, computer lab and shakedown rooms. Spaces designed to support investigative and processing functions include vehicle processing, black box, evidence intake and processing spaces, internet crimes and security monitoring rooms, and several Interview and polygraph rooms. Additional spaces include long-term evidence storage, a training room and a tactical exercise space. The forensic and investigative lab spaces are pulled together in a central open office hub, which also houses a reception area, work spaces and building support spaces.