Gunnison County Jail



The new Gunnison County Jail is 28,500 square feet, to include provisions for an additional approximately 2,000 square foot communications center contained within the jail. The building site is a flat, approximately 67,000 square foot city lot. Construction cost for the jail, including site development, utility extensions, etc., is projected to result in an investment of approximately $7 to $8 million dollars (without communications center component).


Among many other interior and exterior programming and design considerations, Jail building layout, orientation and roof design solutions relative to incorporation of advantages for natural snow and ice

melting, natural lighting and snow shedding will be encouraged. Two environmental considerations  pertinent to the Project are 1), during typical winter months, Gunnison Valley routinely experiences low winter temperatures sometimes in the range of negative 30 to negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit and 2)both the building site

has relatively high water tables.


The Jail will be designed and constructed to a XXX LEED Standard. There Will be separate bid packaging for achievement of early commencement of site preparation and foundation construction relative to seasonal building constraints. There will be multiple bid packaging for purposes of potentially early procurement of long-lead items or more extensive fast-tracking of the Project is to be a consideration.


The exterior wall construction will be

XXXX roofs

Construction is scheduled to start xxx.  Completion is scheduled for XXX.